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DeVilbiss Gun Cleaning Kit

1 /2″ Brush | Cleaning Needles and Handle | Pick | Spray Gun Oil | 3 /16″ End Brush | 3-Piece Mini Brush Set | Black Handle Brush

The Kit Contains:

1 /2″ Brush: Use to clean the gun fluid inlet, gun air inlet, gun body (air and fluid passages), gravity cup outlet and suction cup tube.
Cleaning Needles and Handle: A range of fine needles with useful handle for easy cleaning or air cap holes.
Pick: Useful tool for removing needle packing, air cap retaining ring dip, internal gun seals and cup gasket.
Spray Gun Oil: After cleaning a spray gun, the vital pivoting or frictional points should be lubricated. For your convenience, a sachet of spray gun oil is included.
3 /16″ End Brush: To clean inside the fluid tip, inside air cap and any other areas that require a smaller, stiffer brush.
3-Piece Mini Brush Set: For cleaning the centre hole of the air cap, horn holes of the air cap, fluid tip, baffle and any small spray gun passage.
Black Handle Brush: General purpose tool for cleaning gun body, cup, air cap and ring, trigger and gun controls.

Weight1 kg