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ColorSpray PVC pre-mixed Part A

ColorSpray PVC 2K

2K solvented PU designed for use primarily on smooth PVC surfaces to give an ultra smooth finish. Also suitable for use on GRP and ABS and other common fenestration plastics.

(some plastics may require a primer coat).

Key Points

Product Overview

ColorSpray PVC is one of the leading products available on the market for both in-booth and on-site painting of PVC-u and is widely used in both factory finishing and onsite applications. ColorSpray PVC can be applied to both unfinished and foiled PVC-u products as well as composite cladding making it ideal for renovation market. ColorSpray PVC gives excellent resistance against cracking, blistering and flaking and comes with a 10-year warranty *. The polyurethane backbone of our product gives excellent scratch resistance and gloss retention and all the pigments utilised have a rating of 6 or above on the internationally recognised Blue Wool scale.

ColorSpray PVC was designed for the specific requirements of the PVC market with ultra-fast drying times, resistance to cracking, flaking & chalking and lay-flat properties to ensure a consistent and even surface finish on both new and old PVC. The product had been extensively tested in both laboratories and in the field to prove its longevity and colour-stability. 

Laboratory certifications include:

 AAMA 615

“Voluntary specification, performance requirements and test procedures for superior performing organic coatings on plastic profiles”

ColorSpray PVC is available in our full range of ColorSpray shades, a carefully curated collection of timeless colours designed for use on PVC windows and Composite Doors. It is also available tinted in the full range of RAL and Renolit Colours. For darker colours, ColorSpray PVC is also available in a Cool Colour formulation, designed to reduce heat build -up and potential distortion of PVC. 

 Why Cool Colour?

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