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ColorSpray OmniCoat S 1 K

1K solvented vinyl acrylic for use primarily on smooth or grained PVC surfaces to give an ultra smooth finish. The single component product means no mixing or addition thinners and is ready to spray from the can.

Key Points

Product Overview

OnniCoat S is the market-leading single-component product designed specifically for the coating of PVC building products like windows, conservatories, and doors. Designed to be used straight out of the can, the rapid drying formulation makes it a great choice for on-site spraying. The same colourant scheme is used as our GRP and PVC product meaning they still have a rating of 6 or above on the internationally recognised Blue Wool Scale.

OmniCoat S is available in our full range of DoorColour shades, a carefully curated collection of colours designed for use on exterior doors. It is also available tinted in the full range of RAL and Renolit Colours.

OmniCoat S is also available in a Cool Colour formulation, designed to reduce heat build -up and potential distortion of PVC and building plastics.

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