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What RAL is Chartwell Green?

Chartwell Green

It’s a question, not quite as old as time, but certainly asked by homeowners looking for that perfect green, installers looking to match that forgotten cill and manufacturers trying to match a door to a foiled frame. It’s one that stumps everybody from time to time. And it’s not just Chartwell Green! Anthracite Grey, Agate Grey and certain cream colours all have the headache potential of revisits, unhappy customers and unwanted stress.

Over the two years since I’ve joined RegaLead and taken over managing the ColorSpray Network, I have lost count of how many times I have been asked this question. I’ve spent the last two years working with manufacturers, fabricators and installers across the country and getting to grips with the frustrations people in the industry have with particular colours, specific to the window and door industry.

Chartwell Green search

A cursory internet search for Chartwell Green codes will return a few answers. RAL 6021 or British Standard BS 14 C 35. They’re the main suggestions people give – it probably stems from closest visual matches of colours that are easily available in aerosols from paint manufacturers. This means they’re readily available, and they provide a reasonable match for minor parts. The reason why there are so many close matches, but none exact – is the Renolit Foil range.

Renolit Foils are an adhesive plastic product adhered to UPVC window frames to add texture and colour. Their range is a curated collection of colours that you’ll be familiar with – Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Agate Grey, White or Cream. The colours curated by Renolit dictate the range for the whole window and door industry. PVC door manufacturers will have a frame in Renolit Chartwell, so the Door Manufacturer must paint the door to match exactly, similarly with window frames, and products unable to be foiled – such as PVC trim. The Renolit colours are all based on existing colours in the market, but like most manufacturers, they have had to make adjustments to established colours to make it work for their production methods.

At ColorSpray, we’re all too familiar with the problems this can present. A composite door painted RAL 7038 Agate Grey, surrounded by a Renolit Agate Grey frame can look like two completely different colours. A brand new foiled Chartwell Green composite door, with a garage door painted in RAL 6021 looks nowhere near the same. That’s why as coatings specialists for the window and door industry, we take the Renolit Foils and match to these exactly – to form part of our standard colour range.

Bartosz Machyna, Regalead’s Colour Formulation Specialist, had this to say about the alternatives for Chartwell Green.

“A difference in colour between two shades is measured as a delta-e values. It is widely accepted that most people with good eyes can perceive a difference in colour where the delta-e value is >2. Below 2, it requires a trained eye to spot subtle differences. Comparing Renolit Chartwell Green to RAL 6021 gives a delta-e variance of 8.3! It’s darker, more yellow and more saturated than Chartwell Green. RAL 6021 doesn’t have the pastel appearance that Chartwell Green is renowned for. When you compare BS 14 C 35 to Renolit Chartwell Green, it slides the opposite way – it has a delta-e variance of 3.88 – it is a lot lighter than Renolit Chartwell Green but has a blue tint, and is much more pastel – giving a cold and harsh feel to the colour”.

We encounter many customers across the industry struggling with these slightly-off matches that have such a simple fix. For ease – the entire Renolit colour range for the products used in the UK are part of our standard range of coatings for PVC, GRP and Powder Coated Aluminium.

If you’re matching existing windows and doors to a newly installed Composite Door – speak to us about exact matches. If you’re an installer and want to ensure you’ve got a guaranteed match for trims and touch ups, then take a look at our comprehensive aerosol range.

Chartwell Green RAL colours

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